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“Moon”  Lia Amarta Ignatova

Mediums: WatercolorMaterials: Paper Arches
Technique: wet-on-wetSize: 35 x 24 cm
Styles: Impressionism, Modern

“The light of the moon is mysterious and attractive. The picture was drawn by order from the Tarot card. In the upper part of the painting below the Moon there are two towers (once again reproducing the portal theme). Two animals, usually a dog and a wolf, sit between the towers and howl at the moon. They personify our animal nature, admired and frightened by the spectacle of the moon, subject to its influence, and not controlling it”.

Freely experimenting with paints and techniques, Amarta created her own unique style of paintings, in which the play of light and shadow, bright colors and the flow of vital energy are the main highlights. Traveling and meditation had a great influence on the mood of the paintings, reflecting and conveying the essence of life itself, its richness, depth and movement.

“After graduating as a teacher of Reiki energy healing technique, I felt the longing to combine energy techniques with the painting. This is how my healing energy works were born.”

Each painting carries its own special vibration of healing. Listen to your intuition and choose the right painting for yourself. Observe it or simply let it fill the space of the house with positive vibrations.

Sold. You can order a copy of painting or a print.

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Dimensions35 × 24 cm