The inspiration to paint came to Amarta from the Impressionists. Traveling around the world and visiting many of the largest museums in Italy, Germany, Russia, US, she realized that the work of Claude Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Gauguin had a special influence on her.

Acquaintance with modern watercolors working in the wet-on-wet technique has opened a new path, as with the help of water and colors, you can convey the movement in the picture.

Freely experimenting with paints and techniques, Amarta created her own unique style of paintings, in which the play of light and shadow, bright colors and the flow of vital energy are the main highlights. Traveling and meditation had a great influence on the mood of the paintings, reflecting and conveying the essence of life itself, its richness, depth and movement.

Having been trained as a meditation teacher and Reiki energy healing master, Amarta learnt how to create paintings that contribute to beneficial healing through her connection with a universal healing energy source. Light and love are key drivers in every painting. Thus, the art brings the necessary balance and energy to our lives.

Amarta paints watercolors, acrylics and oil. Her style is dominated by the lightness of lines and the free movement of colors, which creates an enchanting magical atmosphere of the picture. A positive attitude fills each work with special energy. Amarta’s goal is to convey to us the healing vibrations of nature as well as its versatility and beauty.


2020 – “You are not alone”, Art Room, Dusseldorf, Germany

2018 – “Flow in Painting”, OM ROOM, Darmstadt, Germany

2015 – “Acrylic Landscapes”, Café “Crema”, Darmstadt

2012 – “Watercolor mood”, personal exhibition, Gesellschaft “Possev” e.V., Frankfurt a.M., Germany

2010 – “Flowers & Landscape in Watercolors”, technique alla prima – personal exhibition, Gallery of Reutov
2010 – “Early summer”, Exhibition hall of Dobrolubov’s library, Moscow
2010 – “Salon CHA-2010”, CHA, Moscow
2010 – “Flowers-Flowers”, Vyhino Gallery, Moscow
2010 – “Koktebel’ – Karadag”, Vyhino Gallery, Moscow

2009 – “Watercolor-2009”, “Na Kashirke” Gallery, Moscow
2009 – “Seasons”, IFW, Moscow
2009 – “Flowers”, Vyhino Gallery, Moscow
2009 – “Koktebel’ – Karadag”, Vyhino Gallery, Moscow

2008 – “Watercolor-2008”, “Na Kashirke” Gallery, Moscow
2008 – “Watercolor”, Art Gallery “Irida”, Moscow
2008 – “Flowers”, Vyhino Gallery, Moscow

2007 – Exhibition of Nina Sherbakova-Ionova’s students, Art Gallery “Irida”, Moscow 


Journal “Ostwind”-Jun 2009, IFW-2009, “Debut-2010”, “Osho-Times-2018”.

A regular participant of the International Federation of Watercolor exhibitions in Moscow and a member of the International Arts Fund.

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