Art gallery of the artist from Cologne Germany

Online art gallery: modern, abstract, colorful

Welcome to the online art gallery of the artist Lia Amarta Ignatova from Cologne.

Here you will find works, painted with acryl, oil and watercolor. Amarta has been dedicated to modern painting for over 15 years and creates beautiful, colorful works of art in her studio that have a healing effect for the soul. Over time, many different artworks in large and small formats emerged. Amarta’s favorite techniques are “Alla prima” and “wet-on-wet”.

“Alla prima” means the artwork is completed directly in one session and with one layer of color. “Alla prima” is the painting technique of the masters. The painter creates the work spontaneously, quickly and skillfully. In the “Alla prima” painting, the artist must be able to consider and paint all picture elements at the same time: shape, size, colors, position, light and shadow, etc.

“Wet-in-wet” means to paint on a wet sheet / canvas. It is a difficult task for the artist to control the flow of colors and to create a painting full of lightness and freshness.

Enchanting watercolors and modern beautiful canvas pictures are waiting for you!

You can get to know the modern art of Amarta on this website in the online art gallery.

Buy hand-painted art / paintings / artworks in Cologne

Would you like to buy a hand-painted work? You can either order the works of art directly on our website in the online shop or make an appointment with the artist in Cologne / Pulheim, where she can offer you artworks perfectly to match your space.

The selection of hand-painted watercolor, acrylic or oil artworks is large enough to find a suitable one for you. All paintings are hand-painted: the watercolors on paper and acrylic or oil works on canvas.

Did you find a picture, but the size doesn’t fit? Just ask for a copy or a poster of required size.

Advice for a suitable frame is possible. It is best to send us a photo of the space where you would like to have an artwork and we will make our suggestions.

If you buy more than one picture, we will give you a special discount for additional artworks.

An additional bonus! If you recommend our artworks to your friend, you will get an additional discount on a purchase from us!

Buy or order energy painting

Amarta was trained as a Reiki and meditation teacher and learned how to create energy painting that contribute to beneficial energetic and spiritual healing. It is related to the universal energy source, where light and love are the key elements for any painting. This is how works of art bring the necessary balance, strength, and energy into our lives.

Would you like to have the energy painting at home? Please write us your wishes! For example, it can be a special painting for your workplace, living room or bedroom to have more balanced energy in everyday life and to stay in balance. Maybe you need a painting with a special affirmation for you. We would be happy to create a personal energy power artwork for you!

Contact us to buy or order an artwork directly from the artist in Cologne. We answer quickly and easily – here.